Sunday, July 22, 2012

If I were a pigeon

You know when a bunch of pigeons circles someone who has food in the park? Well, this time it was only one. It kept a mean distance of 2 feet, but was constantly moving towards me, until my sudden move scared it away. I was thinking: "You can find food somewhere else, do something about it, don't just wait for it to fall from the sky." (I was higher than the pigeon was)

This kept happening for few minutes. When the pigeon realized this approach was not going to work, it frowned, started making noises and was spinning around. I was like: "OK, if you want it that much, you can have it!", so I broke off a piece of sandwich and dropped it down. The pigeon ate it, and wanted more. I realized how few crumbs mean nothing to me, but they apparently meant a lot to the pigeon, so I kept feeding this pigeon.

In the mean time, a pigeon much skinnier than the first one showed up, and something interesting happened. The first one immediately started forcing the new one away, and was not allowing him to approach me any closer. Food was not important to him any more, as long as the new one was not benefiting from His food source. While I finished the sandwich I succeeded in throwing just few more crumbs to the skinny pigeon. I ended up having more of the sandwich than I planned, because instead of eating, pigeons were fighting. Eventually, I stud up and went to work.

Now you tell me - will you share your crumbs with someone tomorrow?

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